CHEVALIER 3-Axis Automatic Precision Surface Grinders

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CHEVALIER 3-Axis Automatic Precision Surface Grinders
Note: Machine shown with optional accessories



The highly advanced ADIII series of automatic precision surface grinding machines are a result of the ongoing and extensive research and development program at CHEVALIER. In addition to improved accuracies, quality, and machine life, the overall design of the machine incorporates ergonomics; all operating handwheels, levers, stroke setting devices, and the pendant control panel are arranged to allow ease of operation, therefore, working efficiency is increased.

AC Servo Vertical Drive

The wheelhead travelling on a preloaded linear guideway system is driven by a hardened and ground leadscrew and an AC servo motor providing high torque, speed and accurate positioning with a minimum increment of 0.0005"(0.001 mm). A manual pulse generator (MPG) is standard for easy operation.

3 Axes Needle Roller Slide Way

All three axes guideway rails are composed of (S55C) steel that is normalized then hardened by high frequency induction. The guideways are HRC 60-64 after heat treating. Precision roller bearings are run through a sieve to select exactly matched sets which are then preloaded between the linear guideway to provide a guideway system that will ensure excellent accuracy and precise positioning with stick-slip free movement.

Crossfeed Speed Control (Optional)

Saddle continuous movement speed is controlled by a frequency converter for obtaining better grinding surface finish and dressing grinding wheel from table.

Grinding Flow Chart