CHEVALIER 3-Axis Automatic Precision Surface Grinders

FSG-3A818 | FSG-3A1020/FSG-3A1224 | FSG-1224ADIII/FSG-1632ADIII/FSG-1640ADIII | FSG-2040ADIII/FSG-2060ADIII | FSG-2440ADS/FSG-2460ADS/FSG-2480ADS
CHEVALIER 3-Axis Automatic Precision Surface Grinders











Programmable Controlled Grinding Machine

The machine with micro-processor is programmed to perform rough grinding, fine grinding sparkout passes, automatic overwheel dressing and compensation for wheel dress amount. After grinding, table can be set to park either left end or right end. Spindle can be set to stop running or keep running and wheelhead can also be set to lift up to start point or reference point after grinding cycle finished. The machine is suitable for mass production.

Precision Spindle and Rigid Elevating Guideways

The rigid wheelhead houses a large diameter cartridge type spindle supported by 6 super precision class 7 (P4) permanently lubricated angular contact ball bearings (4 pcs for 20 series). The precisely balanced spindle motors are air cooled to ensure optimum surface finishes and maintain superior accuracies.

Automatic Wheel Dressing with Compensation (Optional)

The machine efficiency is maximized by automatic dressing with automatic dressing compensation during rough and/or fine grinding and at the end of rough grinding. This allows machine to run unattended, and reduces machining costs

Completely Supported Guideways

Extended base guideways for crossfeed and longitudinal travel enhance machine rigidlty & stabllity and upgrade machine accuracy & longevity. The permissible loads can be completely supported and table overhang is eliminated.

Rigid Construction

All essential castings are made of high grade dense cast iron which has been stress relieved and ribbed with honeycomb ribs to enhance rigidity and increase stability thereby increasing cutting capability.

Crossfeed Stroke Setting

The crossfeed travel is set with push buttons on control panel. This new break through in design is more efficient and user friendly.

AC Servo Vertical Drive

The wheelhead, travelling on hardened and ground square ways coated with Turcite-B system is cooperated with hardened and ground leadscrew (20series) and precision ballscrew (24 series), and an AC servo motor to provide high torque, speed and accurate positioning with a minimum increment of 0.0001" (0.001mm). A manual pulse generator (MPG) is standard for easy operation.

Crossfeed Speed Control

The column's continuous movement speed is controlled by a frequency converter to obtain better grinding surface finish and better dressing result from table.

Grinding Flow Chart





Grinding Mode