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Precision CNC Electric Discharge Machine


Spark erosion machining for challenging pieces with intricate detail.

  • Ballscrews on X/Y axes
  • Linear slideways on X/Y/Z axes
  • Specially designed circuit for automatic arcing detection

Specifications: SURE FIRST - CNC-1280

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Max current output 100A 100A
Max electrode load 500 kg 1102 lb
Max workpiece weight 7000 kg (fluid immersed) 14000 kg 15432 lb (fluid immersed) 30864 lb
Work table size (L x W) 1200 x 750 mm 47.24 x 29.52"
Work table type fixed fixed
Work tank volume (w x d x h) 1400 x 2000 x 600 mm 55.11 x 78.73 x 23.62"
Work tank type door opening door opening
Distance between work table & electrode holder plate 550 - 1050 mm 21.65 -41.33"
Electrode holder plate size 300 x 200 mm 11.81 x 7.87"
X-Axis 800 mm 31.49"
Y-Axis 1200 mm 47.24"
Z-Axis quill stroke 500 mm 19.68"
Dielectric fluid tank volume 3077 L 813 US gal
Dielectric pump flow 80 L/min 21.13 US gal/min
Dielectric pump 0.375kW 1/2hp
Rapid fill pump 0.75kW 1hp
Rapid fill pump flow 240 L/min 63.40 US gal/min
Erosion motor type AC Servo AC Servo
Electrical approval CSA SPE-1000 CSA SPE-1000
Electrical rating 600V 30Amp 60Hz 3Ph 600V 30Amp 60Hz 3Ph
Weight 10000 kg 22046 lb
CNC Control AI Function AI Function
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications and/or colour of the machine without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

  • X, Y-Axis ballscrews
  • X, Y, Z-Axis linear slideway
  • LED Machine lamp
  • Automatic fire extinguisher

Optional Accessories

  • 75A Current output