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Double Column with Fixed Beam Grinder


Chevalier’s FSG-DC Series stands out as the number one choice for fixed-beam, double column grinders for a variety of reasons, including: easy-to-use interface, user friendly iSurface control system, full workpiece capacity, rigidity and accuracy of the dual column design, all features offering impressive performance.

  • The mechanical design of the elevated guideways and spindle seat, adapted with highly rigid linear guideways, high precision ballscrews and a pneumatic counterweight device, provides superb rigidity and heavy duty grinding capability.
  • The Z-axis spindle slide transmission design of the direct-drive spindle seat, combined with the high-precision linear guideways ensures that extensive to and-from movement is accurate and smooth.
  • The guideways of the base are designed with big angle, large span, double-V shaped rails on which Turcite-B is the sliding medium to absorb the vertical load. The table is hydraulically driven to make the cutting movement stable and smooth.
  • This series of easy to operate grinding machines includes Chevalier’s exclusive iSurface PC-based control. The fully automatic control delivers constant surface speed in dressing and grinding cycles; and loading force function for a higher level of precision, flexibility and functionality.
  • Option of a SMART iControl features conversational programming and human machine interface (HMI). Combined with TaskLink, allows operators to- create their own programs for multiple grinding tasks in a single cycle without an engineering degree.

Specifications: CHEVALIER - FSG-5080DC

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Grinding length - longitudinal 2000 mm 78.74"
Grinding width - crosswise 1250 mm 49.21"
Horizontal head distance from table to spindle centerline 900 mm (*1150 mm) 35.43" (*45.27")
Max workpiece weight 5000 kg 11023 lb
Table working size 1250 x 2000 mm 49.21 X 78.74"
T-slots number (width x pitch) 6 (22 x 200 mm) 6 (0.86 X 7.87")
Distance between columns 1650 mm 64.96"
Table speed 5-25 M/min 16-82 fpm
Max table stroke 2200 mm 86.61"
Max stroke 1500 mm 59.05"
Feed speed 0-5 M/min 0-16.4 fpm
Min input value 0.001 mm 0.0001"
Max stroke 680 mm 26.77"
Feed speed 0-1 M/min 0-3.2 fpm
Min input value 0.001 mm 0.0001"
Horizontal head speed 500 - 2000 rpm 500 - 2000 rpm
Horizontal head wheel size ø510 x 100 x ø127 mm (* ø610 x 100 x ø203mm) ø20 x 4 x ø5" (* ø24 x 4 x ø8")
Horizontal spindle head motor 18.5kW 25hp
Hydraulic tank motor 11.2kW 15hp
Hydraulic tank volume 950 L 250 US gal
Lubricant tank volume 180 L 48 US gal
Coolant tank volume 700 L 185 US gal
Electrical approval CSA SPE-1000 CSA SPE-1000
Power required 65kVA 65kVA
Voltage required 600V or 400V 600V or 400V
Air pressure required 6 bar 90 psi
Machine weight 23000 kg 50700 lb
Control iSurface / SMART iControl iSurface / SMART iControl
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications and/or colour of the machine without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

  • iSurface control system
  • Grinding wheel ø20x4xø5"
  • Wheel flange & weights, clamping width 2.4-5.9"
  • Balancing arbor
  • Diamond dresser block with diamond
  • Oil cooler for hydraulic tank
  • Air conditioner for electric cabinet
  • Levelling bolts, nuts and pads
  • Tool box with tools
  • Air gun
  • Water gun

Included Accessories

  • Auto dressing and compensation table mount dresser, single point dresser
  • Coolant system (700L) with auto paper feeding device & magnetic separator
  • Semi high splash guard FSG-40,60DC'Series
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Transformer

Optional Accessories

  • SMART iControl system
  • Electromagnetic chuck with chuck control
  • Grinding wheel ø24x4xø8"
  • Wheel balancing stand, roller type ø20"
  • Dynamic wheel balancing system - automatic
  • Table mount grinding wheel dresser (without diamond disc)
  • Grinding wheel dresser for horizontal spindle
  • Coolant system (2000L) with auto paper feeding device and magnetic separator
  • Y, Z Axis linear scale
  • Column extension 250mm (distance between table to spindle centreline 1150mm)
  • Water gun (individual pump)