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Heavy Duty 3-Axis CNC Creepfeed & Profile Grinder


The FSG-C1224CNC grinding machine, with strong spindle motor, is a heavy duty, high precision, high efficiency, multi-purpose CNC creepfeed and profile grinder. This machine is designed to meet current and future grinding requirements such as intricate profiles and mold components. It is well suited for aircraft, automobile, electronic, medical, machine tool and defense industry parts.

  • Table is driven by a precision ballscrew and an AC servo motor providing precise table positioning with optimum speeds for creepfeed grinding.
  • Wheel head traverses on Turcite-B laminated guideways, which are driven by a precision ballscrew providing excellent rigidity and precise positioning. Column travels on a linear guideway system which provides precise positioning, high rigidity and smooth travel movement. An integrated machine structure with, well designed ribs makes the machine suitable for heavy duty creepfeed grinding.
  • A Fanuc CNC control provides full automation through programming for grinding multi-shaped workpieces and complete the entire grinding process. This includes rapid approaching, rough grinding, wheel dressing with auto compensation and fine grinding in one fully automatic cycle.
  • A forced flood coolant system accompanied by a totally enclosed splash guard cools the workpiece efficiently and helps prevent thermal damage and workpiece distortion.
  • Advanced grinding cycles such as surface, plunge, pitch, side, profile, form, index and creepfeed grinding significantly enhance machine versatility.
  • Crossfeed and elevating axes are positioned by precision ballscrews and an AC servo motor provides superior accuracy and excellent longevity.

Specifications: CHEVALIER - FSG-C1224CNC

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Max grinding length 610 mm 24.01"
Max grinding width 305 mm 12.00"
Max distance from table surface to spindle centerline 610 mm 24.01"
Max table load 420 kg 920 lb
Table size 305 x 610 mm 12 x 24"
T-slot (size x qty) 14 mm x 1 0.55" x 1
Spindle speed 500 - 3500 rpm 500 - 3500 rpm
Grinding wheel (dia x width x bore) ø356 x 102 x ø127 mm ø14 x 4 x ø5"
Table speed, infinitely variable 0.01-15 M/min 0.032-49 fpm
Max travel 810 mm 31.89"
Column feed, infinitely variable 3 M/min 9.84 fpm
Max travel 400 mm 15.74"
Least input increment 0.001 mm 0.0001"
Crossfeed, intermittent/stroke, by NC data 0.001 - 100 mm 0.0001 - 4.0"
Wheelhead feed, infinitely variable 1 M/min 3.28 fpm
Least input increment 0.001 mm 0.0001"
Auto infeed, by NC data 0.001 - 100 mm 0.0001 - 4.0"
Spindle drive 42kW (*54kW) 56hp (*76hp)
X-Axis servo 4kW 5.36hp
Y-Axis servo 4kW 5.36hp
Z-Axis servo 4kW 5.36hp
Lubrication pump 0.18kW 1/4hp
Lubrication Tank 20 L 5 US gal
Electrical approval CSA SPE-1000 CSA SPE-1000
Power required 60kW 60kW
Voltage required 600V or 220V 600V or 220V
Machine weight 9000 kg 19841 lb
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications and/or colour of the machine without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

  • Grinding wheel
  • Wheel flange
  • Balancing arbor
  • Diamond dresser with diamond
  • Pin spanner wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Levelling bolts, nuts and pads
  • Tool box
  • Enclosed splash guard
  • LED Machine lamp

Included Accessories

  • Transformer

Optional Accessories

  • Electromagnetic chuck (standard pole pitch) 300x600mm
  • Chuck controller
  • Balancing stand (roller type), for max wheel ø508mm
  • Balancing stand, for max wheel ø406mm
  • Coolant system with auto paper feeding device
  • Coolant system with auto paper feeding device and magnetic separator
  • Grinding wheel dynamic balancing system
  • Oil mist collector
  • Auto retracting table mount dresser
  • Wheelhead mounted automatic rotary diamond dresser with continuous wheel dressing and compensation
  • Table-mounted single diamond disc dresser, max clamping width 127mm
  • Table-mounted single diamond disc dresser, max clamping width 200mm (AC Servo)
  • Tower type coolant system
  • CNC controlled horizontal indexer
  • 50hp Spindle motor (frequency converter included)
  • Hydraulic temperature regulator for spindle and disc dresser
  • Automatic door system for splash guard
  • 6000rpm Spindle