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CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine


  • A high precision indexing work table driven by a Servo motor provides high accurate indexing.
  • The CNC boring and milling machine provides multiple face machining at one time. Boring, milling, drilling and tapping can be done just in one set-up.
  • The extra heavy, wide one-piece base has 4 slideways for rigidity.
  • Box type column features outstanding stability in heavy duty machining and accurate dynamic level at all time.
  • A 60 tool chain type ATC magazine provides safe and stable tool exchanges, enhancing machining flexibility and efficiency.

Specifications: FORTWORTH - HB-110B

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X-Axis (longitudinal) 2000 mm 78.74"
Y-Axis (vertical) 1400 mm 55.11"
Z-Axis (cross) 1150 mm 45.27"
W-Axis 500 mm 19.68"
Distance spindle nose to table centre (with W & Z-Axis) -175 - 1475 mm -6.88 - 58.07"
Distance spindle centre to table surface 0 - 1400 mm 0 - 55.11"
Guideway type X-Axis box way box way
Guideway type Y-Axis box way box way
Guideway type Z-Axis box way box way
Table surface area 1000 x 1000 mm 39.37 x 39.37"
T-slot number (width x pitch) 9 (22 x 100 mm) 9 (0.86 x 3.93")
Max table load 3000 kg 6613 lb
Min indexing angle B-Axis 1° (full 360º) 1° (full 360º)
Indexing with locating pin
Rapid feed B-Axis 4 rpm 4 rpm
Rapid traverse X-Axis 15 M/min 590.54"/min
Rapid traverse Y-Axis 12 M/min 472.43"/min
Rapid traverse Z-Axis 15 M/min 590.54"/min
Rapid traverse W-Axis 6 M/min 236.22"/min
Cutting feedrate X, Y, Z-Axis 1 - 6000 mm/min 0.03 - 236"/min
Cutting feedrate W-Axis 1 - 4000 mm/min 0.03 - 157"/min
Ballscrew X, Y, Z-Axis (dia x pitch) ø50 mm x 10 mm ø1.96 x 0.39"
Ballscrew W-Axis (dia x pitch) ø40 mm x 10 mm ø1.57 x 0.39"
Drive system gear head, 2-step gear head, 2-step
Spindle motor (30 min rating) 22kW (26kW) 30hp (35hp)
Taper CAT50 (*BT50) CAT50 (*BT50)
Speed range Low: 5 - 625 rpm 5 - 625 rpm
Speed range High: 626 - 2500 rpm 626 - 2500 rpm
Max spindle torque 135 kg/m 297.62 lb/m
Tool magazine capacity 60 tools 60 tools
Max tool weight 25 kg 55.11 lb
Max tool length 400 mm 15.74"
Max tool diameter ø125 mm ø4.92"
Max tool diameter (adjacent empty) ø250 mm ø9.84"
Tool selection sequence by shortest path sequence by shortest path
Tool to tool change time 15 sec 15 sec
Feed drive X-Axis Servo 7kW Servo 9.38hp
Feed drive Y-Axis Servo 6kW Servo 8.04hp
Feed drive Z-Axis Servo 7kW Servo 9.38hp
Feed drive B-Axis Servo 4kW Servo 5.36hp
Feed drive W-Axis Servo 7kW Servo 9.38hp
Electrical approval CSA SPE-1000 CSA SPE-1000
Power required 45kVA 45kVA
Voltage required 600V or 220V 600V or 220V
Air pressure required 5-7 bar 80-110 psi
Coolant tank capacity 250 L 66.04 US gal
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications and/or colour of the machine without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • Spindle oil chiller
  • External air blast
  • Chip auger-spiral (screw) type for table
  • Removable MPG manual pulse generator
  • Automatic power off
  • Electrical cabinet heat exchanger
  • Call light (3-color)
  • LED Work light
  • Tool kit
  • Levelling bolts, nuts and pads

Included Accessories

  • Set of pull studs
  • Table splash guard
  • Coolant through spindle (20 bar)
  • Oil skimmer system
  • Chip conveyor-flat chain type + wagon
  • Spindle support sleeve
  • Door inter-lock safety switch
  • Transformer

Optional Accessories

  • Coolant through spindle (35 bar)
  • Enclosure with safety light curtain
  • Heidenhain absolute linear scale X, Y, Z & W Axes
  • Angle plate
  • Right angle milling attachment