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CNC Vertical Machining Centre Double Column Multi-Centre


  • KMC-M series are designed to meet the needs of multi-face machining the larger LCD molds and complex machine construction all in one single set-up. This increases productivity and lowers cost.
  • All 3-axes travels are fully supported by box ways, ensuring machine rigidity and stability.
  • Strong columns and cross beam give higher rigidity to the machine structure.
  • The machine base is designed with four box ways supported with a combined sliding and rolling design. The central box ways for main support is hardened, ground and covered with Turcite-B, which features strong absorption capability, enhancing its dynamic rigidity. The two-side box ways, which are similar to central box ways, also employ extra roller type recirculating bearings to strengthen the support. This design can evenly distribute the load with better tolerance.
  • The table is rib-reinforced for optimum level of rigidity.
  • The Y-axis utilizes a superior design with a 70mm (2.76”) offset between the lower and upper slideways. This greatly enhances the rigidity.
  • A properly pre-loaded and pre-tensioned, large diameter ball screw is used for the three axes. The X-axis has a hollow ball screw with oil coaling system and is equipped with an air cooling system for the ball screw bearings, ensuring higher positioning accuracy.
  • The mounting brackets for the Y and Z-axis ballscrews are integrated with the saddle and cross beam to further maximize rigidity.
  • All 3-axes utilize an external feedback pulse coder for positioning. The pulse coder is coupled to the opposite end of the ball screw and directly sends feedback to the servo system. This allows for high positioning accuracy.
  • Mechanical safety couplings are used where the drive motors and the ballscrews are connected. These devices greatly minimize damage that may occur during a collision or an overload condition.
  • The specially designed unclamping tool cylinder totally eliminates any outside forces from being applied to the spindle bearings when releasing the tool.
  • The tool magazine is driven by a hydraulic indexing motor and the arm is rotated by a hydraulic swinging motor for stable and rapid tool changes.
  • The spindle head is hydraulically clamped to a curvic coupling.

Specifications: KAO MING - KMC-528M

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Distance between two columns 2800 mm 110.23"
X-Axis travel 5230 mm 205.90"
Y-Axis travel 3450 mm 135.82"
Z-Axis travel 1100 mm 43.30"
Distance from spindle nose to table top 345 - 1445 mm 13.58 - 56.88"
Guideway type X-Axis box way with roller bearings box way with roller bearings
Guideway type Y-Axis box way box way
Guideway type Z-Axis box way box way
Table working surface 2400 x 5000 mm 94.48 x 196.85"
T-slot number (width x pitch) 10 (24 x 220 mm) 10 (0.96 x 8.66")
Max table load 14000 kg 28660 lb
Rapid traverse X-Axis 8 M/min 314.96"/min
Rapid traverse Y-Axis 12 M/min 472.44"/min
Rapid traverse Z-Axis 10 M/min 393.70"/min
Cutting feedrate 0 - 5 M/min (*0 - 8 M/min) 0 - 197"/min (*0 - 315"/min)
Min input increment 0.001 mm 0.0001"
Drive system gear head, 2-step gear head, 2-step
Spindle motor (30 min rating) 30hp (35hp) 30hp (35hp)
Taper ISO50/CAT50 ISO50/CAT50
Speed range (vertical) upgrade 6500 rpm (*8000 rpm) upgrade 6500 rpm (*8000 rpm)
Speed range (horizontal) 3500 rpm 3500 rpm
Drive range infinitely variable infinitely variable
Max spindle torque 1018Nm 1018Nm
Tool magazine capacity 30 tools (*40/50/60/90) 30 tools (*40/50/60/90)
Max tool weight 20 kg 44.09 lb
Max tool length 350 mm 13.77"
Max tool diameter ø130 mm ø5.11"
Max tool diameter (adjacent empty) ø200 mm ø7.87"
Tool selection shortest path shortest path
Tool to tool change time 6 sec 6 sec
Positioning accuracy (full travel) ±0.005/300 mm ±0.0002/12"
Repeatability accuracy ±0.003 mm ±0.0001"
Attachment indexing 90° x 4 (*5° x 72) 90° x 4 (*5° x 72)
Index repeatability ±3 sec ±3 sec
Feed drive X-Axis 9kW (53Nm) 9kW (53Nm)
Feed drive Y-Axis 9kW (53Nm) 9kW (53Nm)
Feed drive Z-Axis 9kW (53Nm) 9kW (53Nm)
Electrical approval CSA SPE-1000 CSA SPE-1000
Power required 70kVA 70kVA
Voltage required 600V or 220V 600V or 220V
Air pressure required 7 bar 100psi
Coolant tank capacity tba tba
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications and/or colour of the machine without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

  • 30-tool CAM type ATC
  • Reinforced foot-stand at both table ends
  • Slideway covers
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Splash guard
  • Inner cooled ballscrew
  • Air blast
  • Coolant and air gun
  • Coolant equipment
  • Spindle oil chiller
  • Electrical cabinet cooling system (air conditioner)
  • Chip augers
  • Magazine safety guard
  • Manual tool change and foot switch
  • Removable MPG manual pulse generator
  • Vertical and horizontal attachment head
  • AAC - 2 Station
  • Automatic power off
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Call light (3-color)
  • Work light
  • Electrical cabinet light
  • CE Safety door interlocks
  • Levelling bolts, nuts and pads
  • Adjusting tools and tool box
  • Transformer

Included Accessories

  • Set of pull studs
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Larger capacity coolant tank
  • Coolant through spindle system
  • Oil skimmer system
  • Chip conveyor - steel belt link or scraper type

Optional Accessories

  • Tool magazine capacity increase
  • Distance from spindle nose to table top increase
  • Cutting feedrate increase
  • Speed range rpm increase
  • Extra table load capacity
  • Coolant purifying system
  • Coolant cooling system
  • Hydraulic cooling system
  • Mist coolant unit
  • Paper (belt) filter system
  • KMTCS-Kao Ming thermal compensation system
  • Electrical cabinet cooling system (up to 45° capacity)
  • NC Rotary table 4th Axis
  • NC Rotary table 4th and 5th Axis
  • Horizontal indexing every 5°
  • Universal head
  • Universal head (manual)
  • Angle head 30°
  • Extension head
  • AAC - Multi Station
  • Oil hole drills interface
  • Linear scale feedback system
  • Automatic tool length measuring system
  • Automatic touch probe centering system
  • Anchoring alignment system