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FIRST - MCV-1600

CNC Vertical Machining Centre


  • All major machine parts are Meehanite cast iron.
  • The extra wide base, saddle and column with enlarged box type slideways eliminate overhang on both ends of table travel for great stability.
  • All 3-axes equipped with preloaded ballscrews directly driven with servo motors to eliminate backlash between bearings and ballscrews for excellent feeding accuracy.
  • For heavy cutting solutions a spindle powered by a powerful precision gear box is available (option).

Specifications: FIRST - MCV-1600

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X-Axis travel 1600 mm 62.99"
Y-Axis travel 760 mm 29.92"
Z-Axis travel 680 mm 26.77"
Distance from spindle nose to table top 125 - 805 mm 4.92 - 31.69"
Guideway type X-Axis box way box way
Guideway type Y-Axis box way box way
Guideway type Z-Axis box way box way
Table working surface 1800 x 700 mm 70.86 x 27.55"
T-slot number (width x pitch) 5 (22 x 125 mm) 5 (0.86 x 4.92")
Max table load 3000 kg 6613 lb
Rapid traverse X-Axis 24 M/min 944.88"/min
Rapid traverse Y-Axis 24 M/min 944.88"/min
Rapid traverse Z-Axis 20 M/min 787.40"/min
Cutting Feedrate 1-10000 mm/min 0.04-394"/min
Min input increment 0.001 mm 0.0001"
Drive system belt (*gear box) belt (*gear box)
Spindle motor (30 min rating) 15kW (18.5kW) 20hp (25hp)
Taper BBT40(*BT40/CAT40) BBT40(*BT40/CAT40)
Speed range 8000 rpm (*10000 rpm) 8000 rpm (*10000 rpm)
Drive range infinitely variable infinitely variable
Max spindle torque
Tool magazine capacity 24 tools (*32/40) 24 tools (*32/40)
Max tool weight 7 kg 15.43 lb
Max tool length 300 mm 11.81"
Max tool diameter ø90 mm (*76/76 mm) ø3.54" (*2.99/2.99")
Max tool diameter (adjacent empty) ø170 mm (*127/127mm) ø6.69" (*4.99/4.99")
Tool selection random, bi-directional random, bi-directional
Tool to tool change time 1.8 sec (*1.5/1.5 sec) 1.8 sec (*1.5/1.5 sec)
Feed drive X-Axis 4kW 5.4hp
Feed drive Y-Axis 4kW 5.4hp
Feed drive Z-Axis 6kW 8hp
Electrical approval CSA SPE-1000 CSA SPE-1000
Power required 25KVA 25KVA
Voltage required 600V or 220V 600V or 220V
Air pressure required 5-7 bar 75-110 psi
Coolant tank capacity 650 L 171.71 US gal
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications and/or colour of the machine without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

  • #40 24-tool CAM type ATC
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Enclosed splash guard
  • Coolant system
  • Coolant tank and chip collector
  • Coolant around spindle
  • Chip flush/wash system
  • Removeable MPG manual pulse generator
  • Electric cabinet exhaust fan
  • Call light (3-color)
  • LED Work light
  • Levelling bolts, nuts and pads
  • Tool kit

Included Accessories

  • Set of pull studs
  • Coolant and air gun
  • Coolant through spindle system (20 bar)
  • External air blast
  • Spindle oil chiller
  • Oil skimmer
  • Chip conveyor-spiral (screw) type front L side discharge + bin
  • 4th axis connector ready
  • Automatic power off
  • Door inter-lock safety switch
  • Transformer

Optional Accessories

  • CAT40 Tool shank
  • CAT50 Tool shank
  • CAT50, 6000 or 8000 rpm, belt drive
  • #40 32-tool CAM type ATC (max tool dia 76mm & 127mm adj empty)
  • #40 40-tool CAM type ATC (max tool dia 76mm & 127mm adj empty)
  • #50 24-tool CAM type ATC, 6000 rpm, belt drive
  • #50 30-tool CAM type ATC, 6000 rpm, belt drive
  • #50 40-tool CAM type ATC, 6000 rpm, belt drive
  • Note: Maximum tool diameter may change with alternate tool magazine option.
  • Gear box (CAT50)
  • Coolant through spindle system (50 bar)
  • Air through spindle system
  • Oil mist collection system
  • Chip conveyor-flat type front L side discharge + bin
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • 4th + 5th axis connector ready
  • 4th + 5th axis rotary table
  • Automatic tool measuring device
  • Automatic workpiece measuring device
  • Linear scale