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Dah Lih Machining Centres
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First Vertical Machining Centres  
First Turret Vertical Milling Machines
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Kao Ming Double Column CNC Machining Centres  
Kao Ming Radial Arm Drills

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Fortworth Machining Centres  
Fortworth Bed Type Boring Milling Machine
Fortworth Milling Machine
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Chevalier CNC Lathes


Chevalier CNC Grinders

Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinders
Chevalier Handfeed Surface Grinders
Chevalier Cylindrical Grinders
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Microweily Engine Lathes
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Baxter Bandsaws


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Deckel Cutter Grinder
 cnc machinery  
Michaellin Cutter Grinder


If you are using tools constantly you can only really afford to have the best tools available, it doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner with a few machines or a large factory owner with hundreds of tooling machines: quality counts and will pay for itself. Small businesses may think they will save some money and as small businesses they don’t need the same quality, with a small business margins are very tight but this means a quality machine is what you desperately need as even a few hours a month of extra downtime could cut right into your profits.

Metal Working Machinery that provides a long term return on your investment.

We stock the machines!

  • over 25 CNC machines in stock with most models on display and under power
  • over 175 conventional machines in stock with most models on display and under power

We provide the service! 

  • 46,000sq ft modern service facilities and a team of fully trained service staff

We stock the parts!

  • a large inventory of back-up parts to keep you running profitably

Heinman machinery located in Mississauga has been providing CNC Metalworking Machinery including vertical machine centres, cnc lathes, cnc grinders, boring milling machines, radial drills for nearly 50 years.


Our newest CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine.