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Metalworking machinery made in Taiwan that provides a long term return on your investment.


We stock the machines!

  • currently 30 CNC machines in stock
  • over 400 conventional machines in stock

 We provide the service! 

  • 46,000sq ft modern service facilities and a team of fully trained product specialists and service staff

 We stock the parts!

  • a large inventory of back-up parts and accessories to keep you running profitably

 Heinman's grand Mississauga showroom has complete lines of CNC and conventional equipment on display and under power.  



FOCUS  CNC Slant Bed Lathes
FCL-130R with auto load & unload system   PDF brochure
FNL-220LSY turning-milling   PDF brochure
MICROWEILY  Precision Lathe
TY-1640SV CNC like lathe with servo drive   PDF brochure
Click HERE to see a video of the TY-1640SV in action.
FIRST  DC Servo Drive Milling Machines
LC-205 Series intelligent axes drive system for special machining cycles  PDF brochure
DAH LIH CNC Vertical Machining Centre
MCV-1060 5-Axis equipped with 4+5th Axis Rotary Table 280mm diameter  PDF brochure